Friday, April 10, 2015

Node.js web app experiments

Needed a break from all the .NET and Coldfusion goo I've been dealing with at work. Started working on a mobile-first workout tracking app using only free tools/services. The app itself is turning out like this:
  • AngularJS for the client UI/UX. To be deployed to Azure webapp hosting or maybe at some point turned into a phone app using something like Cordova
  • ExpressJS for the Data Access Layer. The whole thing is just a collection of JSON web services so its super easy to consume from javascript. This just gets deployed to Azure as another stand alone website that the client app makes calls to.
  • PouchDB for the backend database. And also for the sweet client API which I'm using in the DAL project. Since PouchDB is 100% compatible with CouchDB I can just point the client to something like Couchbase when I'm ready to go "live" and get free DB hosting
So much great stuff in every layer, I love the whole AngularJS MVC framework for client apps. Loved learning how to use Promises with the PouchDB client, the tutorials on their site are fantastic. Still getting used to CouchDB though, it needs a better query is killing me xD

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