Friday, October 15, 2010

Migrate TFS 2008 data to TFS 2010 Project Collection

Its fairly easy to do once you know the tricks. These instructions assume you have a running TFS 2008 instance with data to be migrated and a new TFS 2010 instance running with data. You want to merge the TFS 2008 data into TFS2010 as a new collection. Here goes!

1) Stop the TFS 2008 IIS application pool and web site on the old TFS server instance. This makes sure no one is actively changing data while we do the migration.

2) do a SQL server backup of all tfs* databases from the old TFS 2008 instance. In most cases this will be SQL server 2005 - the TFS 2010 upgrade commands will not work running against databases in SQL server 2005.


3) restore these databases to the SQL server 2008 instance used by the TFS 2010 instance.

4) From the TFS 2010 server, run a command similar to the following ( you can run TfsConfig.exe import /help for more details)

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Tools> .\TfsConfig.exe import /sqlinstance:MySQLServer2008Instance /collectionName:tfs2008_import /confirmed

Where "MySQLServer2008Instance" is the SQL server 2008 instance used by your TFS 2010 instance, and "tfs2008_import" is the name of the collection to create in TFS2010 for your imported data.

Once the import/upgrade is complete, all the old databases listed in step 2 are removed for you, leaving a database named tfs_tfs2008_import which TFS 2010 will use from now on to manage your collection in SQL server.

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