Monday, September 13, 2010

SharePoint 2007 Approval Workflow missing from SharePoint 2010?

6/23/2011 update: Thanks to Pham Van Trung for pointing out a MS KB article that addresses this issue -

In one of our projects, we were using the MOSS publishing feature on a SharePoint 2007 farm, with the standard "Approval" publishing workflow on all our page libraries. We recently did an upgrade on that farm to SharePoint 2010, and everything seemed to work the same - the existing sites still had the old approval workflow assigned to the Pages library, and they worked as expected.

When we tried to make a copy of one of our sites, using the Content and Structure view to copy the entire site structure, the workflow assigned to the pages library doesnt copy over properly, which is normal. But now when we try to assign the approval workflow to the pages library after the fact, we simply cant. The old Approval workflow isnt available as a workflow option to pick from, and I've found no way to bring it back so that its selectable in the SharePoint 2010 web interface. There are some blogs out there that mention activating a feature called "SharePoint 2007 workflows", which I tried, but that still did not fix the problem for me.

To work around the problem, one of our C# gurus built a console app that can make the old SharePoint 2007 workflow available in a SharePoint site.


Chandra said...

We are having a similar issue. Could you please provide more details on the console application that was built? What was built into the console application?

Bryan said...

Hi Chandra,

As it was explained to me by the guy who wrote the code, he created a console app that ran on the sharepoint web front end using an account that has farm admin rights. The code accepted a few parameters that you typed in from the command prompt - the important one being the base URL for the site collection where all of our sites lived. The console app then used the SharePoint Object Model to "activate" the old Approval workflow on the pages library of every site in my collection (the old workflow still exists in sharepoint, they just dont give you access to use it in their web interface).

Sorry I dont have more details to provide than that - this is one of those things that I had to pull in an expert to help me out with (I'm still not a SharePoint C# guru yet!)

Pham Van Trung said...

Hello Bryan

Please find the following info for more details:

Bryan said...

Thanks for the info Pham!