Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Teamworks 6.2.1 - Changing the default jboss home page

When you do an install of teamworks, you get the following process-server URLs by default:

http://localhost:8081/portal <- the process server portal
http://localhost:8081/teamworks <- the process server console
http://localhost:8081/ <- the default jboss web application

The default jboss web application has a simple html home page with links to JBoss documentation, the server status page (anonymous access allowed), the JMX console and the JBoss console (both password protected).

When you go to production, at a minimum, you'll want to change this page and remove or password protect the tomcat status page.

I havent found any Teamworks documentation that talks about any of this, but after poking around a bit I found the web.xml file for the default web application ...

...which I edited to remove the status page. Here is the resulting web.xml:

  <display-name>Welcome to JBoss</display-name>
     Welcome to JBoss
    <servlet-name>Status Servlet</servlet-name>
    <servlet-name>Status Servlet</servlet-name>

We still need to hack up the default HTML page shown in the above screenshot. To do that, edit the file located here:

All basic HTML in that file, so its pretty straightforward to edit.

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