Monday, July 20, 2009

Teamworks 6.2.1 - Enable SSL via a self signed cert

A quick demo of how to configure SSL with a self signed cert, and where to go to configure SSL links by default in the portal for Teamworks 6.2 sp1 (this should work for all versions of Teamworks 6).

If you need to request valid certs, you'll have a little more command line work to do - generating the cert request then importing the issued cert and any CA certs required by the CA. That part is not covered here.

-- UPDATE --

After doing the above config for SSL, I keep getting an error in the author environment referring to an "SSLHandshakeException" when I open a service to make changes. If I close that error dialog box, I can still edit the service, so I'm not sure if its a "critical" error or not. I ended up editing the 99local.xml file, slowly changing all the urls back to HTTP until I found a combination that worked. If you only change the <client-link> and the <portal-prefix> properties, that seems to do the trick ... he author environment seems to run without SSL Handshake errors and the portal site defaults to SSL, even for coaches.

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