Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teamworks 6.1 - Changing Database Connection Settings

Let me just start with a big "wow, Teamworks is a pain". I dont know if I can really blame teamworks, since its built off of a tomcat framework. But anywho, I ran into a problem where I spent hours troubleshooting a client's install of teamworks that they havent used in a long time and found that they had moved their database to a new oracle server, changed the SID and the account passwords.

In my teamworks sandbox, I had used the oracle10g-ds.xml config file to setup new datasources for use in teamworks, and I had seen the default process and performance database connection info there as well, so I had assumed that was the only place where I'd need to change connection settings. Oh no, not even close. After no luck going down that path, I did a search on the teamworks forums (you need to be a paying customer to get access) and found there are a slew of config files that need to be updated when database settings change:

FileJDBC URLusernamepasswordschema names
process-server/resources/securitydb.joclyes (1)yesyes
process-server/resources/config/system/98Database.xmlyes (3)yesyes

performance-server/resources/securitydb.joclyes (2)yesyes
performance-server/resources/config/98Database.xmlyes (3)yesyes


One last thing, in some config files an encrypted password is expected, sometimes not. If you need to create an encrypted password, you'll need to use the teamworks method for encrypting passwords:

c:\Teamworks\process-server\lib>..\..\java\bin\java -cp utility.jar com.lombardisoftware.utility.EncryptPassword YourPassword

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