Friday, November 14, 2008

MOSS Publishing Site - Contributors Get "Access Denied" When Creating A New Page

In one of our MOSS sites using a customized Publishing Site template, we ran into a problem where users with contributor rights couldnt create a new page in the pages library. Then we tried granting the same user "full control" rights specifically to that site and still they could not create a page.

After a bit of searching on google, I found a solution at where Raghu described running into the same issue. It turns out that in order to create a page in the pages library, that user must have read rights to the Master Page Library for the collection. To grant that, your admin needs to hit: Site Actions --> Manage Content and Structure --> Master Page Gallery --> Edit Properties --> Permissions for this document library ...Then just add read permissions as needed.

We wanted all the contributors in the collection to be able to create a page, so we granted the out of the box Members group read access.

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